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Indian Green Chutney Sandwich

1. Apply butter on all the four slices, one surface each. 2. Apply the chutney on two slices on top of the butter. 3. Arrange the sliced vegetables. 4. Put the ketchup on top. 5. Sp...

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Exciting Grocery Deals: Milk,Chapati, Bread,Snacks

Exciting Deals on Milk, Chapati, Bread, Snacks at or call 651.401.001
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Upcoming Movies

Sachin: A Billion Dreams (Hindi Movie...

“Sachin: A Billion Dreams” is an Indian biographical film based on the life of Indian cricket icon and living legend Sachin Tendulkar. A tale of a restless 10-year-old boy and his journey from watching India's first World Cup winning skipper Ka
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Bahubali2 - Telugu & Tamil ( 7$ & 10$)

Baahubali 2 (last week)

Hindi Medium Hindi bollywood movie AM...

Half Girlfriend


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Upcoming Events

Registration for Guru Daskshina - Cul...

Guru poornima is an occasion where one worships or honors ones master. This is a universal tradition across the globe and cultures. To commemorate this occasion, Shirdi Saibaba Prayer Center  (aka Sri Saibaba Mandir) would like to host a c
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Universal Brotherhood Congregation

God has blessed man with a human life and redemption of soul is only possible in this incarnation. Soul has to realize Super Soul for liberation from shackles of birth and death. But man does not value it and is indulging in violence. All th
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Humanity, Unity & Respect for Life

Meditation Workshops for Spiritual Awareness Each workshop we gather to meditate together, reflect on the words of the great spiritual Masters, and spend some time with others who share the goal of leading a spiritually enriched and fulfilling
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Free musical night @ SV Temple Audito...

Vaisakhi 2017

Enjoy a colorful family style event full of excitement with performances by world known artists from Punjabi music & film industry, & local community performers. LIVE CONCERT: JAZZY B, KAUR B, MANDY TAKHAR, & PRABH GILL For Tickets
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